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HD BrowSculpt (Lamination) is offered as an addition to an HD Brows treatment.  Tame unruly brows into your preferred, uniform direction - a  subtle treatment for a natural and beautifully groomed look.   

Very "On Trend" in 2022

Before and After of HD Lamination treatment in Bicester

HD BrowSculpt/Lamination is lamination done the HD Brow way!  HD BrowSculpt is offered as an addition to our amazing HD Brows treatment.    All of the traditional HD Brows methods are used - a bespoke treatment by an HD Brows trained stylist, designed and tailored perfectly to your eyes and brow shape - plus lamination.   Lamination involves a two-step perming treatment that 'corrects' the direction of your brows by setting them in place, using a chemical solution.

HD BrowSculpt/Lamination will last around 6-8 weeks depending on your brow growth.

You require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first HD BrowSculpt/Lamination treatment to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to the products used.  

A full HD BrowSculpt/Lamination treatment will take around 1 hour

This treatment is a low maintenance treatment, however you will need to keep your brows nourished and conditioned by using a brow serum twice daily to ensure they stay looking on point and stay conditioned.  We also recommend having one of our  "Luxury Brow Conditioning Treatments" in between your HD BrowSculpt appointments.  Look after your brows like you do your skin and hair and they will repay you by looking and feeling beautiful 

HD BrowSculpt/Lamination is one of the most in-demand treatment today and you will understand why when you try it.  

What our clients say

I decided to have my brows laminated for the first time and I'm so thrilled with the result!  I wouldn't have believed in just one session I'd have great defined colour and such natural looking full eyebrows (after all I'm a kid of the 90's).  I will certainly continue with Shereen after all my compliments!


I have been three times now for Brow Lamination and Brow Maintenance and every time it's a great experience.  Shereen is so lovely and takes the time to go through what you want and how it will look.  She has also given me really helpful advice on how to look after my brows between visits and has helped me grow back some of the over plucking of the 00's!  Cannot recommend her highly enough.


Before & After of Brow Lamination Treatment
Before & After of Brow Lamination Treatment