Brow Maintenance 

Brow Maintenance Burford, Bicester and Oxford

Look after your brows like you do your hair and skin

Deep nourishing, moisturising and conditioning treatment for your brows using the newest dreamy products on the market - a two step treatment - first to remove dead, dry skin and second to nourish and deeply condition the brows as well as promoting new growth.  This treatment is Brow Heaven

HD Brows Treatment is carried out alongside this treatment

What is Brow Maintenance Treatment?

A two step buffing, nourishing and conditioning brow treatment.

This treatment is great for laminated brows in between appointments or for those who want to keep their brows in peak condition

Will I get results straight away?

Yes you brows will look and feel amazing

Is this treatment suitable for me?

Yes, this treatment is suitable for anyone wanting to improve the look and condition of their brows 

How long will the results last?

Results will see you through to your next lamination appointment, keeping them looking fab and conditioned

Products can also be purchased in salon to be used at home 

Do I need a patch test?

No, you don't need a patch test for this treatment, but you will need for the HD Brows part of the treatment

How long does a Luxury Brow Conditioning Treatment take?

The treatment will take around 1 hour

What aftercare will I need?

No aftercare is required but you can purchase these dreamy products to use at home

Why choose Brow Maintenance?

This luxury brow treatment will keep your brows in the best condition possible, promoting new growth as well as deeply conditioning