HD BrowSculpt Lamination

HD BrowSculpt/Lamination Burford, Bicester and Oxford

HD's take on brow lamination  - luxurious and bespoke to you

Tame unruly brows, make them appear more fluffier or symmetrical - your brow dreams answered

The ultimate "On Trend" look that's going nowhere fast

What is HD BrowSculpt/Lamination

HD BrowSculpt/Lamination is lamination done the HD Brow Boss way - all of the traditional HD Brows methods used plus lamination to your brows.   This two step perming treatment corrects the brow shape by setting the hairs in place using chemical solution to break down the bonds in your hairs so they can be manipulated into the desired position, the second step involves applying cream to rebuild those bonds and set the brows into their new position

Will I get results straight away?

Yes you will see amazing results with this in just one treatment

Is this treatment suitable for me?

Yes, HD BrowSculpt/Lamination is suitable for anyone wanting to improve the look of their brows - whether they are full or sparse - this treatment works with your natural brow shape to enhance it

How long will the results last?

HD BrowSculpt/Lamination will last around 6-8 weeks depending on your brow growth

Do I need a patch test?

You do require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first HD BrowSculpt/Lamination treatment to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to the products used.  You will still need to have a patch test with me even if you have had HD BrowSculpt or Lamination elsewhere in the past.  I cannot perform your treatment without this test taking place

How long does a HD BrowSculpt/Lamination treatment take

A full HD BrowSculpt/Lamination treatment will take around 1 hour

What aftercare will I need?

This treatment is a low maintenance treatment, however you will need to keep your brows nourished and conditioned by using a brow serum twice daily to ensure they stay looking on point and stay conditioned.  We also recommend having one of our  "Luxury Brow Conditioning Treatments" in between your HD BrowSculpt appointments.  Look after your brows like you do your skin and hair and they will repay you by looking and feeling beautiful 

Why choose HD BrowSculpt/Lamination?

HD BrowSculpt/Lamination really is the most in-demand treatment of today and you will understand why when you try it.  Your brows will look fuller, fluffier, tamed - just beautiful