Digital Microblading/
Ombre Brows

Digital Microblading/
Ombre Brows
Burford, Bicester and Oxford

Natural looking hair stroke brows using a digital machine

Brows bespoke to your skin tone, face shape and bone structure

Wake up to brows - everyday!

What is digital microblading?

Digital Microblading is semi permanent hair stroke brows using a digital cosmetic tattoo machine that implants pigment into your skin making the hairs look natural and realistic.  The tattoo is implanted much closer to the skins surface than would be with a traditional tattoo machine

Ombre Brows create a more fuller look in the brow - more like a powder finish

Will I get results straight away?

Yes, with Digital Microblading you will see the results straight away but two treatments are required spaced at around 6 weeks apart for optimum results

Is this treatment suitable for me?

Yes, Digital Microblading is suitable for anyone wanting to improve the look of their brows.  For those who want to wake up ready to go in the morning and not have to fill their brows daily or have monthly treatments

How long will the results last?

Once you have had your two initial treatments of Digital Microblading the results will last around two years - depending on how your skin heals and if you have followed the correct aftercare (provided at treatment)

Annual colour boosts are recommended to keep them looking fresh but this depends on you

Do I need a patch test?

Yes, you will require a patch test and thorough consultation at least 48 hours prior to treatment 

How long does digital microblading take?

The treatment will take around 2-3 hours consisting of mapping, colour swatching and tattooing

What aftercare will I need?

We will go through all aftercare advice with you at your treatment

Does this treatment hurt?

A topical numbing cream is used to so you should feel hardly any pain

Some describe as a feel of scratching on their skin