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Beautifully defined and sculpted brows can make a subtle but stunning difference to your look.  They frame your eyes, enhance your features and give structure to your face.  HD Brows is so much more than a standard tint and wax (offered by some beauticians).  This is a bespoke treatment by an HD Brows trained stylist.  Your eyes and eyebrows, both colour and shape, are unique to you, and so is an HD Brows treatment.  Designed and tailored perfectly to your eyes and eyebrows, HD Brows are the luxury hair removal and custom-blended colour treatment for your brows.

Before & After of HD Brows Treatment

HD Brows is a bespoke to you brow treatment focusing purely on shape and design of your brows.  A combination of techniques are used to achieve your perfect brow including custom blended tinting, unique design formula, waxing, finishing and aftercare.

Most people get their desired results straight away.  For some it may take a few visits before the look is absolutely perfected.  Either way, you will not look back from HD Brows - it's an amazing treatment loved by millions worldwide.

A full HD Brows treatment will take around 1 hour.

You do require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first HD Brows treatment to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction to the products used.

HD Brows will last around 4-6 weeks depending on your brow growth and the aftercare treatment you do to help prolong the results.

If you have overplucked your brows, we would recommend putting you on a brows regrowth programme, which will involve putting down those tweezers and persevering with the process.  I promise it will be worth it! We will work together to achieve your chosen shape and results and I'll show you what to use to make them look wonderful during this time. There are some amazing products to help speed up this process,

Some clients may require a small amount of eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in any gaps whilst we encourage regrowth of any previously over plucked areas. If you have any questions about the aftercare treatment for your HD Brows, please let me know during your appointment.

We are proud to be the HD Brows specialists in Burford, Bicester and Oxford and love to create beautifully natural brows that will help to frame your facial features.

What our clients say

I am absolutely thrilled with the results from my Brow Lamination.  After massively over plucking in the 90's I was amazed to see my brows looking so good!!  Shereen's knowledge on the products was extremely helpful and she gave excellent aftercare advice.   Looking forward to returning again.


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Before & After of HD Brows Treatment